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Click for Details. Air Cavity Pre-Molded Open Caviy QFN ready for die and wire bonding
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M-QFN Series

Open Cavity QFN Packages

Bonding Wire made by Tanaka
Bonding Wire

All Types: Au, Al, Ag, Cu-Pd
Made by Tanaka

Waffle Packs and JEDEC Trays
JEDEC TRAYS  •   2" Waffle Packs  •   4" Waffle Packs

Open Cavity (air cavity) QFN package:
•MEMS, RF, sensor, and silicon applications.
•Ready for die attach and wire bonding.
•Cu alloy leadframes.
•For engineering and rapid prototypes.
•40 open tooled packages
•Complies to JEDEC Standard MO-220 VQFN

Lids Flat and dome covers.

QFN Sockets Window for probing into cavity.

CAD DXF, SAT, IGES, STEP and PDF drawings center.

Material Properties Df , Dk, ε , δ


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